Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another dilemma

Thanks to Amanda for hosting another Decorating Dilemma party.

I seem to have plenty of dilemmas.  You helped me tremendously with my blank kitchen wall here.  I’ve decided on the row of shelves and I’m in the process of painting and adding molding.

Now, here’s another dilemma. 


Our upstairs “loft” is long and narrow.  Notice the grouping around the TV. That pretty much has to stay in that place due to the speakers, etc.  It’s the blank space that you notice in front of the drop-leaf table where I have circled.  Do I make 2 separate seating areas?  Do I add a game table and chairs?  


Here’s the opposite view.  The walls have already been painted Antique White and the rug is gone.  The small entertainment center and star will be gone as well. 


What do I do with this awkward empty space behind the sofa at the top of the stairs?


  1. This is a tough one. What are your needs?

    Would you use a game table if you put it there? The space looks perfect for it!

    I think another seating area might be really nice in this area. If you had a party, people could spread out that way.

    Do you craft? Could this area be for crafts or sewing?

  2. My first thoughts included a second area with a large bookcase on the same wall as the couch, facing the door/bench that is there now - move the love seat where the chair is now, as the love seat is a visual stopping place, put the chair on the wall where the bench is (if it fits with that door) across from the bookshelf for a separate reading area? Random thoughts, probably hard to read - but I was just brainstorming with you over a cup of tea ;)

  3. It's lovely as is! I can see you might want to put something in the blank space though. I would put a rug there (something with a pattern) to anchor the space and maybe a chair or two and create another seating area/reading nook.
    Like I said, it's lovley, but IMO, it needs a bit of color.

  4. I can see that this room is a bit tricky but you are definitely headed in the right direction. I actually like the comfy grouping at one end of the room. If you remove that small armoire at the opposite end you could put the table where that piece was...again with one leaf dropped down. This would fill some space in that area and still not block the pathway to the stairs. You could set it up as a craft table, game table, set a puzzle out on it. Whatever you can dream up. Then if you could find a higher sofa type table and a couple of bar stools to put where this table was then you would have a bit extra seating for game day or movie night. This really is a fun room. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. I'm going to second Paula and say that another seating area might be nice for entertaining.

    If you would use a game or craft table more than additional seating, then go for it! I think Mom in High Heels was on to something...my first thought was a rug for that big empty space. Do you need any extra storage? Maybe one of those low/long bench cubby things like IKEA has? You could use it to store games/movies, etc.

    Thanks so much for linking up. :) I'd love your input on my Dilemma too. :)

  6. What about a couple of small ottomans? Provides seating and could also provide storage inside possibly. You could out a rug there as well to define the space.

  7. What a beautiful room! You have that great drop leaf table, just add some decorative things things to it. I'm not very good with these types of problems, I got so many my self! Ha HA!

  8. Like several others, the first thing I thought was "rug", not just floating out in the middle of the space, but I guess anchored with it's edge under the table and maybe even the back legs of the loveseat. I like the arrangement as is around the tv.
    Looks to me like you already have a game table; the drop-leaf could easily be called into service when needed.
    So, how about you make a little seating arrangement, either where the bench is now or on the opposite wall at the top of the stairs, which ever feels like it has enough room. A couple of comfortable side chairs (something like the Zebra Print Oval Back Chairs on Overstock.com as far as style, in whatever upholstery you prefer) sort of side by side with theirs backs against the wall, but turned toward each other slightly, know what I mean? with a small table in between for a lamp or whatever. Then those chairs could be pulled up to the drop-leaf table for games when needed.
    In the mean time, accessorize the drop-leaf table for visual interest (a stack of books, a finial, and a plant or something like that).

    It's a beautiful room; you have a lot to work with!

  9. I like the idea of a game table... but only if you'd use it. It could also easily turn itself into a craft/work area.

    As I'm a big reader, I also love the idea of an area rug, a chaise or a big comfy chair, an occasional table and lamp a low bookcase.

  10. Hi Robyn! Okay, I think this has been asked but what do you do in the loft besides watch TV?

    If you play games up there, most definitely a game table & chairs (but nothing too bulky). If you read, I would move the chaise over to the "empty" area, with a small lamp table and bookshelf or basket of books and mags.

    In the TV viewing area, I would try to move out one piece of furniture, either the loveseat or the chaise. If you move the chaise to the other side of the room, could the loveseat go on the wall where the door is? I don't think you need a furniture separation in this room, since it is so narrow.

    Agree with everyone else about finding another fun rug for the other side of the room.

    Bringing a few prints, some wall decor & a throw on the sofa and I think you'll be on your way.

    Show us pics when you're done!

  11. I would put a rug with a small table with maybe 2 chairs and a bookcase on the wall. A perfect place for crafting and creating decorative pieces, to work on the laptop, pay bills, etc while being close to the TV and family!

  12. Does the chaise block the door at all or do you even use that door? If so, I would suggest moving the chaise over to the blank spot with a lamp and a rug for a little reading nook area. Then put a smaller accent chair close to the door.

    If you are not a reader and are a game player, I would totally do the game table. Do what you will get the most use out of.

  13. cute blog layout! :)

  14. I think making 'zones' would work based on how you use, or want to use, the space. You obviously have the tv zone. The back could be another zone for kids play area, gaming area, office, whatever your family would use. Work with the existing decor but define the area with it's own area rug, groupings, etc.

  15. I would take the table that you have pull it out into the room and open it up, and place 2-4 chairs around it. Then I would get a bookcase or low long dresser, or low buffet and place that where the table is currently. This new piece could be used to hold games, videos, etc.
    If you don't like that idea, you can do what I do which is pull up the leaf on the table and place one or two chairs up to the table. It is a perfect spot to have a jigsaw puzzle going for the whole family to work on.

  16. Just popping in to say Happy Valentine's Day!

    Suzann (The Olive Cottage)

  17. I vote for a game table too - or a tall bar table so the people sitting there can see the TV over the heads of the people sitting on the couch?

  18. Hey, Robyn, you've gotten lots of ideas already, but I do think another seating area/game table would look great in that space. You have plenty of room for it and it would break the room up. Just make sure you don't block your traffic flow completely, but a nice little reading nook with chair ottoman, side table and lamp would be a great addition to your space.

    Hope you are doing well! I pre-purchased our Jazz Fest tickets already & look forward to that event again.

  19. Hi, Robyn! Quick reminder: I hope you'll link up to the "Show Me the Progress" party this week. It goes live Tuesday night and will be up all day Wednesday. :) Just about ANYTHING counts as progress (even a list of ideas!), and it doesn't have to be about a Decorating Dilemma. ;)

  20. My livingroom is that same shape with lots of opening and only a few walls no more than 7 ft each. I used a game table and chairs behind my sofa the last time I redid it and for the first time in 11 years I'm happy.. Good luck with whatever you decide.