Sunday, January 3, 2010

Before, After…

I thought I would start showing some interior photos of my home.  There are a few “before” shots taken when we put our house on the market about a year and half ago.  This was right before the economic downturn and not a great time to sell a house.  We decided after about a couple of months to stay put and instead, we purchased a lake house. (photos will be appearing soon!)

Let’s start with the kitchen:



The walls here are Benjamin Moore HC26 Monroe Bisque.



We have now painted and the walls are Behr Antique White.  Also, you will notice new light fixtures (Pottery Barn knock-offs) and new bar stools.

I’m dying to paint the cabinets white, but my husband is very hesitant.  Not so much the color, but rather the labor involved- priming, sanding, priming, painting.

What do you think about taking the cabinet doors off the top cabinets?



Any thoughts? 

More photos of the house coming soon!


  1. Hey Robyn, thanks for stopping by my place and for your sweet comments about my fireplace tranformation !! Just wanted to say I love your kitchen ... huge fan of your subway tile backsplash, countertops and your Antique White paint (we just painted our kitchen island the same color). I love your cabinets as they are, especially since they contrast with your white island, which is hugely popular right now ... wouldn't change a thing !! As for taking your cabinet doors off ... you can always try and see what you think. Personally, I love it the way it is, especially since you have the matching corner cabs with glass fronts ... really frames your center cabs. Beautiful kitchen. Take care, Becca @ Adventures in Decorating

  2. Don't you DARE paint those cabinets! They are perfect the way they are. If you must paint, paint the island...blackish/smoky.

  3. Did you see my dining room makeover where I painted the walls Antique White? I love that soothing color. About to do a big makeover in the sunroom but not sure of what color to paint the walls. I have a sideboard I've just refinished in heirloom white and stained the top in dark walnut, seagrass rug over tile, and I'll be making some neat drapes plus I have matchstick blinds at all windows and french doors. Any thoughts on the paint color for me?

    On your cabinets, you could add some glass to some of your cabinet panels and/or paint them. There is a lot of work involved...maybe you could sub it out? Whatever you choose will look stunning.


  4. Your kitchen is beautiful as is, but if you really want to paint them, I say go for it. I painted mine all by myself. The only problem was finding a place to put them all while they were drying.


  5. Hi
    I just found your blog from Southern Hospitality. I think your kitchen is gorgeous!!! I would not paint the cabinets. I would suggest decorating above the cabinets with some accent colors that you love. Something to make the room "pop": ie burgundy, with black or brown, cream and green(natural element). Make a vignette in each of the corners (3 items each). Then do one larger one (5 items) above your sink with something tall in the middle. I hope I am not overstepping my bounds by giving you suggestions. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  6. I agree with Dianne. :)

  7. Wow that is one beautiful kitchen!

  8. Please can you share your source for those gorgeous Pottery Barn knock off bell jar lights over your island? I've looked at several that were too big for me to be able to place two side by side. Yours are perfect- and gorgeous!!!!

    PS I had my cabinets painted off white and I absolutely l-o-v-e the look. It completetly changed the "feel" of my kitchen!

  9. Love your kitchen! I have similar cabinets and have been looking for ideas for my backsplash. The subway tiles look great!
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